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We spend a lot more time indoors in winter than in the warm season. With the right lighting from Lichtkompetenz , a cozy and relaxed atmosphere at home is guaranteed. For this reason, lighting competence offers the right lighting to make your home feel good. With the right lamps, daylight can be imitated very well and thus increase the mood and satisfaction. The quality of sleep is also significantly improved.

What is the optimal light in the living room?

Good lighting competence is created with ceiling lights or recessed lights. combined

Light sources positioned in the form of floor lamps and pendant lamps are ideal.

It is also recommended that the light sources can be switched individually.

In addition, the lamps should be dimmable and able to switch to different colors and color temperatures so that the apartment can be optimally adapted to personal requirements. the

The right mood lighting is perfect for eating and watching TV. You also need good light to learn. If the colors are adapted to the different times of the day, the daily rhythm can be imitated perfectly. Bright light with a high proportion of blue is good in the morning and warmer light with a high proportion of yellow in the evening.

Which lighting is recommended in the bedroom?

Only one bedside lamp in the bedroom is not enough.

Combining several lamp types is optimal. Table lamps or wall lamps are ideal as bed lighting. One

großflächig strahlende Lampe sorgt für helles Licht. Eine Klemmlampe am Bettrahmen erleichtert zudem das Lesen im Bett.

Eine gut durchdachte Lichtkompetenz im Schlafzimmer beeinflusst die Psyche positiv und bietet noch weitere Vorteile. Eine natürliche Beleuchtung im Schlafzimmer

ist vor allem im Winter sehr angenehm. Zusätzliches helles Licht im Schrank und am Spiegel ist ebenfalls empfehlenswert. Lampen, die den Sonnenaufgang im Schlafzimmer nachahmen erleichtern das Aufstehen morgens. Des Weiteren dient das Schlafzimmer sehr oft auch als Ankleidezimmer. Aus diesem Grund epfiehlt es sich vor allem in der kalten Jahreszeit, wenn es früh noch dunkel ist eine

natürliche Beleuchtung zu wählen. Licht beeinflusst die Wahrnehmung der Farben enorm, sodass man auch im Winter bei natürlicher Beleuchtung gut gekleidet aus dem Hause gehen kann.

More than just one light source is optimal in the bathroom

There’s one in the bathroom

additional color-changing lamp a good tip from Lichtkompetenz. Above all, the right color temperature with a high proportion of blue ensures that you wake up more quickly. In addition, bright light is very important for men’s shaving or women’s make-up. A warmer, subdued light is recommended for the evening. In the bathroom, a ceiling light and several spotlights on the sink, as well as on the shower and on the mirror are optimal. In addition, the bathroom is a damp room and special and ideally waterproof lamps are required. The more contact the lights have with water, the more important it is to have a high degree of protection.

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