Die besten Möglichkeiten, sich fortzubilden

„You never stop learning!“ All of us have heard this wisdom quite often. There’s not just a grain of truth behind it, it’s the truth. This so-called upskilling can open some doors that were previously closed.

Founders in particular have a stressful everyday life. How are you supposed to find time for further education here? Precisely this time can be rewarded in later professional life and even help to save valuable time. Here you can find out what opportunities there are to promote yourself and your employees.

Why is it important to continue your education regularly?

If you don’t continue your education, you always stay on the same level. This is neither entirely right nor entirely wrong. Of course, you constantly gain experience in professional life, but without further training or the necessary upskilling , one day you will stand still, in the truest sense of the word.

Especially those who are just beginning to build up a company tend to concentrate more on establishing their core business at the beginning. This is important and right!

When founding a company, a number of secondary areas must be considered in addition to the core business, which are just as important for the success of the company. Above all, it is about business and financial management as well as the creation of an adequate business plan. Of course, a founder does not want to avoid the public and want to become known as quickly as possible, so drumming up advertising also plays an important role.

Nobody can be an absolute expert in the most diverse areas, just as little as a founder. It is therefore worth investing a little time in further training. You don’t have to establish yourself as an absolute marketing mogul here, but learning the basics in different areas is highly recommended, just to better understand connections and be able to make decisions more consciously

Nothing can go wrong with the following tips.

Tip 1: Use subsidies!

Further training is not exactly cheap, quite the opposite. You have to dig deep into your pockets to do this. For founders, this is often the time to withdraw because they do not want to jeopardize the company’s liquidity. Ways out in the form of subsidies should be considered. There are even further training courses that count as subsidized further training. You may apply for a so-called education voucher at the Employment Agency.

Tip 2: Use free webinars and online training courses

Further training does not always have to be attended in an educational institution. A range of upskilling opportunities and knowledge transfer can also be held online. Online training experienced a real boom during the Corona pandemic and this market continues to grow.

It is well worth the effort to keep your eyes open for free online training. A free 30-minute webinar is definitely better than nothing. Further training is not always associated with costs.

Especially at the beginning of a start-up career, you should take advantage of everything that is available to you. This will give you a good overview, and it is not uncommon for people to develop new passions for specific subject areas.

Tip 3: Develop soft skills

The founding of a company can already lay the foundation for a successful career. It also requires a good dose of self-confidence, creativity and a willingness to take risks. Successful founders are characterized above all by soft skills, which play a significant role in leadership qualities. Stamina, negotiation skills, leadership, self-confidence and time management are essential. If there are deficiencies in one or more of these points, further training in these areas is necessary. What you learn may not be noticeable immediately, but in the long run the company and also a person will benefit from these upskills.

Tip 4: Invest in employees

Employees should not only get a taste for further training themselves. This brings additional advantages. Trained employees work more efficiently, innovative strength increases, they feel valued and gain the necessary motivation. Ultimately, customers and the company benefit.

Tip 5: Establish further training as a continuous process

The growth of the company is a high priority in order to stay on par with the competition or even become an industry leader. Employees have to grow with the company.

A healthy quota of further training is important in order to remain competitive. Be it on a business or technical level, you prevent your employees from being attracted to more innovative companies.

Investing in leadership and other soft skills means that one’s own abilities are constantly being improved. You will see that difficult situations can be mastered better. Success is not a sure-fire success, but it can be learned.

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